portraits I

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My interest in portraits, and photography in general, is derivative of a sensitivity and curiosity.  In an attempt to identify with the sensibilities of others, I observe people within their and my environments.  I look at the details of an individual when in a crowd;  instead of what everyone else observes, I look the other direction, I look down, I look through.  I am attracted to different aspects and components that make up some sort of appealing pattern or intriguing yet serene setting. 

The unintended outcome appears to be a story, to provoke a question or elicit some sort of reaction, however my intention includes none of this.  It is simply to record a moment that I find beautiful, whether that beauty is held in the uniqueness of the situation, some geometric action, or a seemingly mundane and incidental moment.  The rendered quirkiness is perhaps a reflection of what I find honest and beautiful.