skater girls

Skateboarding has a rich culture. Most people have seen skaters rolling by making use of benches, curbs, walls and fire hydrants in ways these objects’ inventors and builders never could have imagined. Skateboarding can provide a home away from home for many young people, disaffected youth and those whose home life doesn’t fulfill their needs. It gives a unique emotional, creative and physical outlet and it is attainable, democratic –anyone can get a skateboard and everyone has a sidewalk on which to skate. Historically, however, skateboarding has been a male-dominated world. There have always been girls in the skateboarding landscape, yet they were few and far between and certainly underrepresented. The more time I spent observing and photographing at skate parks, the more girls I saw shredding. Spending time with them, I discovered a mutual support not only for each other but also for me. There is no denying the intimidation one can experience at a skatepark at the start. With my photographic series, ‘girl skaters,’ I hope to increase visibility and honor these girls, young and older, who have been breaking down this wall with their skater girl power. Capturing them with this particular slow photographic process, wet plate collodion, we, the viewer can spend more time with this strength and determination. These skaters are tough, purposeful, open and brave, respectfully and shrewdly finding their place in their world.